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Site Consult vs. Estimate: What is the difference?

The Site Consultation is a FREE on-site consultation that we offer during the Introduction Phase. This is a no obligation "meet and greet" to get to know each other. Keep reading to learn more and find out what questions a homeowner should ask during the consultation.

A full Estimate is $100 and requires at least one on-site meeting, if not several, during the Concept Phase. Our Estimate process includes a dedicated Estimator who will attach all their notes, measurements, and sketches, as well as a thorough line by line price breakdown for all materials, labor, and equipment for every Work Area in Your Project. We work with a trusted Landscape Architect to offer scaled blueprints or custom designs for Your Project. Our Estimate process kicks off the exciting Concept Phase, and the document is fully customizable and transparent throughout this phase. Once it is Your Estimate, go ahead and shop it around to compare! If you decide to choose Ajna Stonescapes, we will refund the Estimate Price on the final invoice.

If you are a homeowner doing research for a new Landscape or Hardscape installation project, then welcome! Thank you so much for finding Ajna Stonescapes! Once you have done ample research, you will want to meet with someone on your property to go over the potential project or just to make introductions and get a feel for the company vibe.

Introduction Phase:

Whether by phone or during our Site Consultation, both parties will want to ask some questions before even discussing the potential project. Here are some examples:

Client to Contractor:

  1. What makes your work stand out? Is there something about what your company offers or its process that I will not find with your competitors?

  2. What certifications do you have? Are you a member of any relevant groups or associations?

  3. What is your average revenue on a Project?

  4. What is your personal story, how did you end up working at the company and how long have you worked there?

  5. What are some quick observations you have about the existing general landscape? How would you assess the accessibility, soil conditions, and drainage?

The Big Question:

What is your schedule like, when would you be able to start, what is a reasonable timeline for completion?

Contractor to Client:

  1. How did you hear about us?

  2. What are your expectations? Have you used a professional landscape provider or hardscape installer in the past? What was your experience like?

  3. How familiar are you with the installation process?

  4. What is the inspiration for the project? Is it purely functional necessity, have you seen a similar style design elsewhere, was this entirely imagined, are you still looking for inspiration...?

  5. What is the nature of your engagement with the desired landscape and the frequency of usage:

    1. Passive, wish to enjoy and admire from afar with little to no maintenance.

    2. Recreational, wish to enjoy various activities from time to time.

    3. Active, wish to participate in an ongoing relationship with the landscape.

  6. What is the investment time horizon, or when would you like to see fullest benefits from the installation:

    1. Short Term (0 - 2 years)

    2. Medium Term (2 - 10 years)

    3. Long Term (10+ years)

The Big Question:

What is your budget for the project?

Concept Phase & The Estimate:

During the Introduction Phase, the reason scheduling and budget questions are "The Big Question/s" is because they start to qualify the potential project.

Once both parties, the client, and the contractor, have collected sufficient introductory information, work can then begin in the Concept Phase. If the client would like a Site Survey, including the necessary notes, measurements, readings, and sketches for creating the Estimate, they must purchase an Estimate at this point from Ajna Stonescapes to officially start their Project. If the client awards Ajna Stonescapes the opportunity to complete their project, the full Estimate price will be refunded on the final invoice once the project has been completed.

If the client does not want a formal Estimate, they can consider a Time & Material rate for the work needed. In such circumstances Ajna Stonescapes is thrilled to provide the same exceptional service and quality but for an hourly labor rate with whatever the material costs.

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