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New to Ajna Stonescapes: Priority Scheduling

Hiring a professional Landscape or Hardscape Service Provider to tackle large landscape installation Projects is an excellent investment. As with any investment, timing is a crucial consideration.

Often a contractor will hustle to make the sale and secure the Initial Scheduling Deposit. The deposit will put your Project on their horizon, but with a tentative start date at best. Once the initial deposit is collected the contractor begins management of their project backlog. This means they tackle projects according to internal priority rank. Including, but not limited to:

  1. Project Revenue: opting for highest revenue projects first.

  2. Cash Flow: opting for projects that maximize cash flow, either by prioritizing prepaid projects or selecting high margin and quick turnaround projects.

  3. Material Inventory: opting for projects that can turn over the existing inventory, or opting for a project that capitalizes on a short-term material discount that you are unaware of.

  4. Labor Controls: minimizing or maximizing production to balance hourly payroll burden can push or pull the scheduling of certain projects.

  5. Portfolio Management: opting for a particular type of install like frontloading natural stone projects instead of pavers.

  6. Scheduling Assessments: opting for more flexibility when fully booked, less flexibility when lightly booked.

This is not to say that you are completely at the mercy of the contractor's timeline. It just means that once the contract is signed and the deposit is secured, then both parties act in their best interest according to various priorities that are sometimes contrary to expediency.


First go to our website and click Book Online:

Select a Date and Time from the Calendar for when you would like to start your Project. Then choose the Season from the drop-down menu labeled Preferences. You will have priced options based on the quarter of the calendar year. Select the quarter that corresponds to your Project start date. Currently here are the options:

  • 2023.Q2 $50

  • 2023.Q3 $100

  • 2023.Q4 $25

  • 2024.Q1 $50

  • 2024.Q2 $75

So, if you wanted to start your Project on August 30th, then select the date and time in the Calendar and then select 2023.Q3 from the drop-down menu. Then click "Next". Here is an example:

Fill out your personal details in the form that follows and "Add to Cart". Go ahead and complete the payment and scheduling online to finish the "Book Online" Process. Once scheduled, we will get in contact with you to go over everything and make sure it is good to go!


If after you have made the payment for Priority Scheduling, Ajna Stonescapes cannot honor the desired Project start date then we act according to the following procedure to ensure satisfaction:

  1. As soon as we are aware that the Project start date is no longer feasible for Ajna, we immediately notify the client to inform them of the situation.

  2. On your behalf we contact our network of trusted contractors and partners to find someone who can get the Project started on time. Everyone in our network has a reputation and record of quality that is equal to our own.

  3. If no one can get to your Project by the desired start date, then we fully refund your Priority Scheduling Price. We will schedule the Project for Ajna Stonescapes on the first available open start date and offer a discount on the installation price.


Offering Priority Scheduling is another way Ajna Stonescapes hopes to elevate the quality and care of the broader Landscaping Industry. Our customers should not have to compromise on anything. If they want a quality professional installation, but need a guaranteed start date, then we will work to honor both. Hopefully Priority Scheduling can incentive backlog management that emphasizes Customer Service.


Ajna Stonescapes is actively seeking contractors to partner with for our Priority Scheduling network. When referring our clients to a network partner, we need those with common values such as:

  • Commitment to Quality

  • Local to North Berwick, or Southern Maine

  • ICPI Certification - preferred

  • Sustainably focus - preferred


Priority Scheduling will launch June 1st, 2023.

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